Outreach Services/ Special Needs

Outreach Services is committed to providing Library services to those patrons who need special accommodations to access Library services.  This can include, but is not limited to, those patrons who cannot access the Library due to a physical disability, patrons who have vision or hearing loss, and those patrons who reside in a long-term care or assisted living facility. 

Outreach Services staff also assists students in the Library's English as a Second Language (ESL) classes by providing Library tours and coordinating a Conversation Cafe.

Learn more about the services the Library provides for the following groups:

The Library provides equipment and materials for those with special needs or for those whose first language is not English:

Outreach Services also brings library materials and services to people around the community:

Outreach Services Contact Information

Christy Wagner, Outreach Coordinator:  (847) 438-3433 ext. 140   cwagner@eapl.org

Kathleen Karnoscak, Outreach Assistant (847) 438-3433 ext. 212 kkarnoscak@eapl.org

Midge Simms, Outreach Assistant:  (847) 438-3433 ext. 221   msimms@eapl.org

Or send us a message using our contact form.

Information and Referrals

Caregiving Resources -- a kiosk located near the Reference Desk on the second floor is home to a collection of materials related to caregiving.

Community Resources -- materials of special interest to older adults are located on a display kiosk near the magazines on the first floor.



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