Ela Discovers

Ela Public Library's Community Read

October 1-December 30

Our community read returns! Everyone can participate: read one or all of the selected books, share perspectives, attend a program, engage on social media (#eladiscovers2019) and build a stronger community together.

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World by Steve Brusatte

Brusatte, a paleontologist at the University of Edinburgh and an Ottawa, Illinois native, weaves together the origins of dinosaurs and their dramatic demise as well as provides incredible discoveries from around the globe. Did you know that new discoveries of dinosaurs are being discovered almost weekly? His enthusiasm about his field is contagious.

The Dinosaur Artist: Obsession, Betrayal and the Quest for Earth's Ultimate Trophy by Paige Williams

Described by Steve Brusatte as "a cracking combination of true crime, dinosaurs and top-notch journalism" William's book will introduce you to the concept of "bones for sale" on the international market and who some of the major players are. She tackles the conflict between science and commerce on a global scale and, in the process, covers our human relationship with natural history.

The World of Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Tour by Mark A. Norell

Norell is a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History, home to our Dinosaur Discoveries exhibit. If you enjoy seeing artistic renderings of what dinosaurs are believed to have looked like as well as photographs from archeological expeditions, this book is for you. There are many illustrations in color, some depicting colorful feathered dinosaurs, others engaged in their environment, be it land, water or air. Norell guides the reader through the various species and in the process provides facts and enjoyable, detailed photos and pictures to illuminate the ancient world of dinosaurs.




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