Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to all the computers in the Teen Area and Children’s Department? The computers will return as the renovation progresses. Once the project is complete, there will be public computers near the coffee machine/magazine area, for teens near the Makerspace and for children in the Children’s Department. During the renovation, please use the public computers on the 2nd Floor.

Why are there fewer books in the Children’s Department than there were a few months ago? We are doing a thorough weeding and cleaning of the materials in the Children's Department. Many older books have been discarded due to condition; but don't worry. Your old favorites will be back. We are ordering replacements for these as well as a continued flow of new titles. Also, in the Junior Nonfiction and Fiction areas, books have been placed closer together on the shelves. There are not fewer books in these areas, just less empty space on fewer shelves.

Why is the Children’s Department doing fewer events? This department is undergoing big changes as part of the extensive renovation, and we can no longer use the program room in that area. Having fewer events in the Children’s Department lessens the risk of accidents near construction. We promise – programs will be back in full swing by next spring!

When is project scheduled to be complete? The last phase of construction is scheduled to wrap up the beginning of March 2015.

Will you close at all? No, every department will remain open during all phases of construction.

Will the Children’s Computer Lab return? The newly-renovated Children’s Department will no longer have a lab, but there will be PCs and Macs throughout the area.

What kinds of things are you re-doing/adding? The renovated areas will offer many dynamic, high-tech features and provide better spaces for individuals and groups to work together. Read more about some of the exciting highlights here.

Where can I find audio CD’s? These have been permanently moved to the 2nd Floor.

Where can I find magazines and newspapers? Most magazines are still on the 1st Floor. Some are on spinners near the magazine shelving. There are a few titles that have been relocated to the 2nd Floor. These include News/Events magazines, Science/Technology magazines and Consumer News/Personal Finance magazines.

Most newspapers have been moved to the 2nd floor, but we do still have today's issue of some local papers on the 1st Floor.

Can we still access the Children’s Department during the renovation? Yes! The department will remain open during all phases of construction. Occasionally, sections of the department will be temporarily closed. 

When will storytimes return? On-going storytimes (with some new features!) will restart in April. Until that time, we will have other children’s programs scheduled in the Meeting Room. Click here to register for upcoming events.

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