How to Print

Use Remote Printing   ♦   Print in the Library

Please note: all computers and printers automatically turn off five minutes before the Library closes each day.

Remote Printing

Go to to print from a remote location.   Remote Printing

The Library now offers two new high-capacity color laser printers and several high quality black and white printers available for public use. Print jobs can be picked up for 12 hours after they are sent.

For assistance or instructions with remote printing, please see the instructions page or call one of our staff members at (847) 438-3433.

Remote Printing from a Mobile Device

There is now an app to allow you to print from your smartphone or tablet! The PrinterOn app is available as a free download from:

Print in the Library

Each of the computers in the library is connected to printers through print release stations. We have one release station on the first floor and two on the second floor. You can pick up your print jobs at any release station, regardless of the location of the computer you are using.

  1. Use the computer to find what you want to print. If you're looking to print an attachment from your email, we recommend downloading it to the computer first to avoid any printing errors.
  2. Once you're ready, use the program you're in to print. In many programs, the print button is in a FILE menu. You may also see picture icons that look like printers. These printer icons are usually located at the top of most programs.
  3. In the program print menu, you can print in black & white by selecting Public - BW Printer on public-filprnt or color by selecting Public - Color Printer on public-fileprnt. Black and white pages cost $.05 and color pages cost $.25. If you choose to print double-sided, each side will count as one page.
  4. After changing any other print options, click PRINT.
  5. Wait for a pop-up window like the one pictured below to appear. Click into the white text box and type your user name (your choice).

  6. Type in the same user name at the print station and then click OK or hit Enter on your keyboard.

  7. (If a second sign-in window appears after clicking OK or hitting Enter,  click the red X in its upper right corner.)

  8. Your print job(s) will appear. Click the checkbox to the left of any job you want to print, and then click Print.

  9. A window will appear showing you the Total cost required for the print job(s) you selected and Available cash. The final Print button isn't clickable yet.

  10. Use the coin tower (pictured below) to pay for the print job. You can use bills, coins, or a library print card. We currently cannot accept debit or credit cards. Pay with coins using the slot at the top of the coin tower.

    Pay with bills at the bottom right of the coin tower.

    Pay with a print card using the slot pictured below.

  11. Once the coin tower has accepted your payment, the final Print button will become clickable. Click it to send your job to the printer.

  12. If you used a print card, the coin tower will eject it. If you used coins or bills, the coin tower will give change.
  13. One of the printers near the print station will print out your job. (On the second floor, all color print jobs print outside the computer lab.)

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