Schedule a Proctored Exam?

* Proctoring service is currently unavailable due to COVID-19 * 

Proctoring Guidelines

To arrange to have an exam proctored, please contact the Adult Reference Department either in person or by telephone at (847) 438-3433 x502 before you have your school send the exam.

  1. Proctoring will be done for Ela Area Public Library District cardholders only. Cardholders from other libraries are encouraged to contact their home library to see if this service is available.
  2. There is no charge for proctoring exams. Students may be required to reimburse for postage, if not already provided by the institution.
  3. Proctoring is done through Reference Librarians in the Adult Reference Department. The Reference Staff should be contacted as soon as possible to arrange test information. Also understand that the Reference Librarian you contact initially may not be the one giving you the test, dependent upon scheduling. If the institution requires you to have only one person administering the test, you must be able to take your exam during that librarian’s scheduled hours.
  4. We can provide a quiet study room for you to take your exam, to identify you prior to taking the exam, and act as a recipient for the school to send us the exam (through mail, fax or email). We are not able to supervise you during the entire exam. If the institution requires direct supervision during the entire exam, we will be unable to proctor the exam, nor can we sign any form stating this. It is the student’s responsibility to convey this policy to the examining institution.
  5. Study rooms are available for two hour reservations, with the ability to extend one extra hour for proctored three hour tests (except weekends). Proctored tests exceeding the three hour limit will need to be taken outside the study room area, but still on the quiet floor.
  6. Proctoring is done all the hours the library is open. Scheduling for your exam will depend upon the availability of the reference staff.
  7. We can accommodate print and online exams. We are not able to install any software, run any executable files, or disable any features of our network to accommodate your test. The student is responsible for finding out if any special conditions exist for online testing, and for arranging and verifying the delivery of print exams.
  8. We are not able to proctor any exam that requires grading or feedback on the part of the library.



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