Interior Renovation Project 2022-23

Interior Renovation Project

The Library will begin an interior renovation project this fall. Most of the interior has remained unchanged since the building was constructed 20 years ago, so we are making some much-needed improvements. Coming soon you will find:

  • Improved Materials Return. Right now, the materials return slots are a bit hidden in the corridor, and not visible when you first walk into the building. Additionally, the material sorter that handles our close to one million returned items annually is at the end of its useful life and replacement parts are no longer available. Look for a new-and-improved sorter that will rotate 90 degrees, so the intake slots are next to Checkout, immediately visible when you walk into the building.
  • Improved Public Conference Room. Our existing Board Room is in the Administration department, and not bookable by the public. We know it can be difficult to find a good meeting space, so we’re moving the Board Room upstairs, immediately visible when you get off the elevator, and opening it up for Ela cardholder reservations whenever the Library is open. The new Board Room will also function as a Zoom room, with an integrated experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing. This new space will hold 12-14 around the board table, plus another 8-10 audience members, so we anticipate this area to be very functional and in-demand room.
  • Additional Meeting Room in the Children’s Department. We’ve noticed scout troops and medium sized (10-12 person) groups can struggle to find meeting spaces. As DVDs continue to decline in circulation, we’re freeing up some of that space to add a meeting room in the Children’s area. This meeting room will have a large monitor mounted on the wall for video conferencing, watching a video, or working on collaborative projects.
  • Improved Children’s Service Desk. We want to greet families as they enter the Children’s department, yet the current service desk is tucked away so staff cannot see the public coming and going. The Children’s service desk will be relocated closer to the entrance of the department, so staff can welcome and assist everyone who visits.
  • Additional Work Rooms. As we’ve expanded the Library of Things collection with large objects such as ice cream makers, cake pans, portable power supplies, and of course our trusty telescope collection, we need more (and more functional) work spaces to be able to store and retrieve all our wonderful things. Craft kits to be completed at home continue to be in high demand, and we need more space to both assemble and store the thousands of kits that go out every year.  And, we’ll be reworking the back offices to ensure team members for each department work in proximity to one another, not scattered throughout as the current configuration requires.  However, while we’ll have new staff spaces, any furniture or equipment that’s in good condition will remain in use in the re-done work rooms, (and in fact, more than 90% of the existing staff furniture will be re-used). The Library prioritizes spending tax dollars only on what’s truly needed, so if it still works, we’ll keep it working.
  • Construction Begins in Early Fall. We hope to complete the renovation in mid-2023. The project is funded using reserves as specified in our 10-year facilities plan – no new taxes. As we know more we’ll keep you in the loop, and hopefully there will be very minimal disruption to the public during the construction project. We do not anticipate closing the Library during any phase of construction. As always, we welcome your questions and comments.

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