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Did you miss a computer class? Or were you on the wait list and we unfortunately didn't have space for you to attend? Or do you want a digital copy of the handout? View and download the files of our class handouts on this page.

Click red and white icon to the right of a class name and description to download the handout. Certain classes use extra files, some of which you can download by clicking on the text links in the descriptions below. The class handouts may be slightly inaccurate depending on where you save the additional files on your computer. Some handouts are designed for lecture-discussion and may be harder to understand without the instructor presenting them. 

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♦ Apple macOS series  Craigslist Create Online Photobook  Cut the Cable  Digital Estate Planning  Dropbox Email  File Management Google Drive Suite  Google Earth  Google Photos  Health Websites for Seniors  How to use the Cloud ♦ iPad series ♦ iPhone Photography ♦ LinkedIn ♦ Microsoft Access classes  Microsoft Office classes (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher) ♦ Mousing and Keyboarding ♦ Online Job Search and Resumes ♦ Photoshop Elements ♦ ♦ Pinterest ♦ Technology Safety and Hackers ♦ Travel apps and websites ♦ Travel Websites for Seniors Windows 10 ♦ 3D design classes ♦


Apple macOS series


Basics- Learn the basics of Apple's macOS X operating system from the desktop, menu bar, and dock to how clicking works, Finder, window management, keyboards and shortcuts, search, system preferences, and more. The class highlights similarities and differences between Macs and Microsoft Windows-based PCs.


Intermediate - Dive deeper into macOS X to learn advanced window resizing tricks, full screen spaces and split screen views, tags, Safari, Messages, FaceTime, notifications and notification center, the Mac App Store, and more.








Learn how to buy and sell locally with the free website Craigslist. Browse categories, search through listings, create posts for items you'd like to sell or give away for free. Includes safety tips.


Create Online Photobook

Use your digital photos to create your own photobook in print with the website Picaboo.


Cut the Cabledownload link for Cut the Cable class handout


Learn about non-cable TV entertainment options including in Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu+, PlayStation Vue, SlingTV, Hoopla, and many more. The class includes a practical demo of typical hardware cord cutters use including: Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and a Blu-ray player. Also download our supplemental resource: Streaming service device compatibility.


download link for Digital Estate Planning class handoutDigital Estate Planning


What happens to your information after death - Facebook, emails, online shopping sites, etc.? Learn the best practices for securing your personal information in the event of passing and leaving a documented plan for your digital legacy. Taught by an outside instructor.


Dropboxdownload link for Dropbox class handout


Dropbox is a cloud file backup and management application. It helps you keep all of your files in sync and up-to-date on all the devices you install Dropbox on. The handout mentions example files we use at the library, but you can use any files available to follow along.


Email class download buttonEmail


Email is an essential part of our digital lives. Our email class covers Google's Gmail including setting up an account, accessing your inbox, sending and receiving email, attaching files, and more. Download additional class file: example attachment (save this file to a location on your computer like Documents or Downloads before attaching it).



File Management


Find and manage files and folders on your computer. Includes in-depth exercises, strategies to not lose downloaded files, shortcuts to open files, dragging and dropping, and more. This handout references example files we load on library computers before each class, but you can use your own files and folders as substitutes. The class is designed for Microsoft Windows computers, but we've also created an Apple macOS version.


Google Drive Suite


Your first 15 GB of storage are free with a Google Account. Taught by an outside instructor.


  • Gmail allows you to send and receive email
  • Docs lets you to create documents alone or in groups and save to common formats.
  • Sheets lets you log and analyze data in a spreadsheet environment.
  • Slides lets you and colleagues create slideshows for formal presentations.
  • Photos helps you back up, organize, and share your pictures.

Google Earth


Learn to use this 3D version of Google Maps. Look up an address, view layers of map data, move around/rotate/zoom, view landmarks, get directions, view historical imagery, add and edit places, and more. Download the free program to install on your personal computer hereDownload additional exercise files: picture for place editing example.



Google PhotosDownload button for Google Photos class handout


Google's Photos sharing, storage, and photo editing website includes unlimited (at slightly lower quality) or 15GB of photo and video storage. Click here to download all of the example photos used in the class. On the page that loads, click the 3 vertical dot button, and then click Download all.


Health Websites for Seniors


There's a lot of information online. Learn to distinguish reliable from unreliable health websites, find and evaluate specific health websites, locate physicians and hospitals, look up drug and healthcare information, and more.


How to Use the Cloud


Learn what exactly "the cloud" and "cloud computing" mean. Learn what you need to use the cloud, how the cloud generally works, and why you might want to use the cloud. See examples of popular cloud services. Includes security tips and a review quiz. (Quiz answers: 1. no 2. yes 3. no 4. yes 5. yes 6. maybe so 7. no 8. yes)




Learn the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW). Understand the difference between a web browser, web page, and search engine. Find and use the address bar, learn about web addresses and domains, browser controls, tabs, and more. Download our previous version of this handoutTaught in the library with Windows 8.1.



iPad series


iPad 1 - Get started with your iPad by learning how to charge it, turn it on/off, use the home screen, open apps, rotate the display, understand the hardware, type on the digital keyboard, connect to Wi-Fi internet, and more.






iPad 2 -  Learn useful but hard to learn or hidden features of iPads such as editing home screens, sharing content, notifications and notification center, quitting apps, gestures, copy/paste, the App Store and more.






iPad 3 - Dive deeper into using your iPad with features including settings, accessibility, iCloud, editing photos, Apple Music, using an iPad as a digital photo frame, and more.






iPad for Older adults - Covers the basics of using an iPad with an emphasis on accessibility features.






iPhone Photography


Basic - Learn how to use the default iPhone camera including opening it very quickly from the lock screen, changing modes, applying filters, taking panoramic shots, turning flash and HDR on/off, and more. Download additional class files: 100 Photo ideasPhotography basicsiPhone Camera Roll. Taught by an outside instructor.




Advanced iPhonography - Go beyond the basic default iOS Camera app. Apps covered include: Diptic ($1), Juxtaposer ($3), Mextures ($2), RePix (Free), LensLight ($3), AlienSky ($3), and FlowPaper ($1). App prices subject to change. Taught by an outside instructor.






Discovery why it may help you to use LinkedIn, learn to use the different parts of your professional profile, add connections, search for jobs, join groups, follow companies, and more. Taught by an outside instructor.




 Microsoft Access classes 

Microsoft Access I  - Learn relational databases, including tables, input masks, data rules, integrity rules and relationships. Taught by an outside instructor.


Microsoft Access II - Learn forms, reports, queries, macros, and exporting/importing data from Excel. Taught by an outside instructor.




Microsoft Office classes

Microsoft Word 2013 I - Learn the basics of Microsoft Word from the ribbon to typing, formatting, inserting pictures, spell check, and printing. Typed Document.



Microsoft Word 2013 II - Learn more of Word from symbols to columns, lists, headers and footers, and more. Download additional exercise files: European Travel Itinerary example document, Addresses example mail merge source.



Microsoft Word 2013 III - Learn more advanced techniques, including combining documents, WordArt, creating links within a document, and creating a table of contents. Download additional exercise files: Nordic Cuisine, Nordic Cuisine 2, Sidebars, Nordic Cuisine Full, Table of Contents, Text



Microsoft Excel 2013 I - Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel from the ribbon to entering data, saving, the fill handle, sums, and more. Download additional exercise files: Picture for background logo example.



Microsoft Excel 2013 II - Learn more of Excel from creating charts to functions, sorting, filtering, worksheets, and freezing panes. Download additional exercise files: Budget example, Census data example.



Advanced Excel 1: Formulas & Functions (III) - Dive even deeper into Excel to learn relative and absolute references, ranges, nested functions and arguments, arrays, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, day/time formulas, and more. Taught by an outside instructor. Download additional exercise files: Excel example file.



Advanced Excel 2: Formulas, Tables, Charts & Pivots (IV) - Continue discovering advanced Excel features including protecting data, formatted tables and filtering, conditional formatting, data bars, pivot tables and more. Taught by an outside instructor. Download additional exercise files: Excel example file.



Advanced Excel 3: Data Validation/Analysis, Lists, Visualization and Macros (V) - Continue discovering advanced Excel features including protecting data, formatted tables and filtering, conditional formatting, data bars, pivot tables and more. Taught by an outside instructor. Download additional exercise files: Excel example file.



Microsoft PowerPoint - Learn to make PowerPoint presentations including picking and customizing a theme, adding images, inserting new slides, formatting text, diagrams, viewing, printing, transitions, animations, and more. Download additional exercise files: example picture, picture for custom background example, slideshow example picture 1slideshow example picture 2slideshow example picture 3.


Advanced PowerPoint - Even more on PowerPoint including transitions, animations, triggers, hyperlinks, creating handouts, and mastering. Download additional exercise files: example PowerPoint presentation.



Microsoft Publisher 2013 - Get started with Publisher by learning the ribbon, borders, text and word art, templates, images, columns, and more. Download additional exercise files: text source 1, text source 2, example picture 1, example picture 2.


Mousing and Keyboarding

Learn how to use the computer mouse and keyboard. The main class exercise uses the Palm Beach County Library (FL) "Mousing" tutorial which is publicly available at (We also recommend the following mouse and keyboard learning websites: GCFLearnFree typing tutorial, GCFLearnFree mouse tutorial, Ten Fast Fingers typing practice tests.) Taught in the library with Windows 8.1.

Online Job Search and Resumes


Online Job Search and Resumes - etiquette, tips, tricks, strategies, websites to use, and other resources to help with your online job search. Download supplemental class file: Microsoft Word for Job Seekers.


Photoshop Elements


Learn this more basic version of Photoshop including importing photos, fixing red eye, lighting, color, and more. Taught by an outside instructor.


Upload and edit photos online, including cropping, resizing, autocorrecting, exposure, red-eye, black & white, decorations, and more. Taught by an outside instructor.




Create a Pinterest account, learn what "pins" are, create a board and add items, view pins by other Pinterest users, and more. Taught by an outside instructor.


Technology Safety and Hackers


Learn who, why, and how hackers hack and advice on staying safe. Includes tips on spam email, ransomware, identity theft, antivirus software, passwords, and securing mobile devices.


Travel on a Dime: Travel apps and websites


We highlight apps and websites for booking flights, reserving hotel rooms, renting cars, finding what to do on vacation, remembering what to pack, getting directions, and more.


Travel Websites for Seniors


Browse for tours, find travel tips online, use online translation applications like Mango Languages and Google Translate, convert temperatures and currencies, and more. See more information on our Senior Travel webpage.




Windows 10


Why'd Microsoft skip Windows 9? Find out that and more of what's the same and what's different with Windows 10. Topics include the re-introduced Start Menu, Cortana search, window management, the new Edge web browser, and the new Settings app which replaces the old Control Panel. Also includes aspects to consider before upgrading a computer to Windows 10. Download supplemental class file: general Windows 10 Upgrade Process Screenshots.


3D Design

Design a House (Basic) - Learn the basics of 3D design using Tinkercad. Free account required. Tinkercad requires parental permission for new users at or under the age of 12. See also Tinkercad's own tutorialsDownload additional exercise file: Ela Library Example Car Model.

Design the Library (Intermediate) - Go beyond the basics of 3D design with our Tinkercad experts. Explore aligning, mirroring, and more. Free account required. Tinkercad requires parental permission for new users at or under the age of 12. Download additional exercise file: Library wing.


Design an Ornament - Learn some basic 3D design skills while creating a holiday ornament. Design a frame, string hole, customize a name for someone special, or import a center to fill your ornament. Download additional exercise files: Batman, Christmas tree, menorah, minion, Spiderman, superman, tardis, Yoda.

Design the Willis Tower - Design a copy of Chicago's tallest building while learning some basic 3D design skills.
Design the John Hancock Building - Design a copy of a Chicago architectural landmark while learning some basic 3D design skills.



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