Books & Authors - world's largest online bookstore, selling new and used books, movies, music, and more.

Barnes and Noble - large book retailer, selling books, movies, music, and more both in stores and online.

Bartleby - provides quotations, poems, and classic fiction and nonfiction books online free of charge.

BookBrowse - online book review magazine provides information on new books, reviews, excerpts, reading lists, info for book clubs, and more.

BookSpot - find book reviews, book awards, reading lists, author and publisher information, book stores, book news, book events and more.

CliffsNotes - notes and study guides, covering literature, science, math, history, and more.

GoodReads - discover and share books on this site for readers, reviews, and book recommendations

LibraryThing - an online service to help people catalog their books easily.

Famous Quotes & Authors - find famous quotations for all occasions.

New York Review of Books - the online version of the biweekly book review and journal.

SparkNotes - study guides and notes on literature science, math, history, and more.

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