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View genealogical records from one of the largest genealogy organizations in the country. Creation of a free personal account is required. The Ela Library is a FamilySearch Affiliate. Some content is only available inside the Library.

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

This critically acclaimed database features authoritative and comprehensive career information on over 3,300 jobs, resume and cover letter samples, interviewing advice and tips, and resources college planning, scholarships, and financial aid.

Financial Times Digital Subscription *

Receive premium digital access to the Financial Times online. Also included are current and archived issues of the ePaper, a replica of the printed newspaper. In-library access only; please ask at the Reference Desk to log in.


Flipster Allows you to read digital magazines on your computer or mobile device. Current available titles: Consumer Reports, People, Entertainment Weekly, Real Simple, and Bloomberg Businessweek.


In partnership with The National Archives and Records Administration, the Pennsylvania Archives, FamilySearch, the Allen County Public Library, the Center for Research Libraries, and local archives in Goffstown, NH, South Boston, VA, Harris County, TX and others, this online resource provides a wealth of searchable original documents for genealogists. It is also a social networking site where genealogists can come together to share their discoveries and insights.

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