Virtual Reality

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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated experience that lets you view another world. You generally experience VR via a headset that is connected to a smartphone or computer. You can read an introduction to the world of Virtual Reality here. The Ela Area Public Library is excited to be launching a program to let you experience a new world of VR at the Library!

How can you enter the Virtual Reality world at the Library?

VR Videos and Apps | Samsung Gear VR Headsets | VR Classes

VR Videos and Apps

Do you have a library-sponsored VR viewer (pictured at the top of the page), a Google Cardboard, or another similar headset of your own? Here's some cool content you can view on your headset:

To watch a Virtual Reality video on YouTube using your headset, you must first open the YouTube app on your smartphone. Find the video you want to watch (for ours, search for "Ela Library"). Once the video begins, tap the icon of a headset in the lower right corner and then slip the phone into the headset:

Please note: not all phones have the ability to show videos in VR mode. If your phone does not have this capability, the headset icon will not appear. 

  • YouTube 360: Ready to branch out past Library-created and recommended videos? YouTube has a 360-degree video channel with thousands of videos to watch in Virtual Reality.
  • Google Street View: Via the Google Street View app, you can see 360-degree pictures taken locally and all over the world.
  • Discovery VR: The Discovery Channel's VR app includes a variety of 360 video experiences from some of their most popular shows and more.
  • Apps for Google Cardboard: Apps recommended by Google for the Cardboard or similar viewers.

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Samsung Gear VR Headsets

The Ela Library offers Samsung Gear VR Headsets for use by Ela Cardholders age 12 and up in our Digital Media Labs! The headsets contain a variety of virtual reality videos (including our own library videos), apps, and experiences. For a list of currently available apps, click here.

To use a Samsung Gear VR Headset, you must first become certified by a librarian. Certification will give you an overview of the equipment, controls, and safety considerations. Request a certification appointment

If you want to learn even more about the Samsung Gear VR Headset, you can see the full product manual here.

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VR Classes

Watch this space for updates!

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