Printing and Faxing Policy

Effective Date: 11/04
Reviewed and Revised: 07/22


The Ela Area Public Library District charges for black & white, color, and 3D printing and faxing.

For Ela Area Public Library District cardholders, the library provides a specified amount of free printing and faxing, per valid library card, per year beginning on January 1st of each year. Out-of-district residents using the Ela Area Public Library are not eligible for free printing or faxing.




The Ela Area Public Library District charges $.05 per page for black and white and $.25 per page for color printing and copying. Domestic faxing is $.50 per page and international is $1.00. One page is equivalent to one side of a single sheet of paper. The cost to 3D print is $.10 per gram.

The Ela Area Public Library District will provide $20.00 worth of free printing and faxing to District cardholders as of January 1st of each year.

The Library strongly encourages users to proofread their print documents and use Print Preview to verify the number of pages to be printed before sending jobs to the printer. The Library is not responsible for user errors, dissatisfaction with the general look of a printed page, or the number of pages yielded by printing a website or other document. Users are responsible for all attributes associated with a page to be printed.

Vending units are available for users to purchase cards to pay for printed documents. For $1.00, users will be able to purchase a card with $.50 of credit available on the card. Users will be able to refill vending cards at either the card dispenser machine or at any of the print release stations.

There is no charge for pages printed from the Ela Area Public Library District's website or online catalog.

Once a user prints a document, he or she must retrieve the document from the print release station before the Library closes or the document will be automatically deleted. All print jobs received from remote locations, will be automatically deleted 12 hours after they were sent.

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