The Ela Area Public Library has two digital media labs on the second floor for you to create and edit media with quality technology equipment and software.

Digital Media Lab Guidelines

The Digital Media Labs are available to registered cardholders ages 12 and up in good standing. Cardholders 11 and under must have a parent accompany them in the lab at all times. 

The Digital Media Labs are available for three hours at a time. You may stay longer if there is no demand for the labs at the end of the three hours. Up to three people may use a lab.

Ela cardholders can reserve a lab up to seven days in advance at the second floor Reference desk or by calling (847) 438-3433 x502. Non-Ela cardholders may use the digital media labs on a walk-in basis only.


Available Equipment and Software

  • Mac Pro Desktop Computer
  • Voice microphone
  • Instrument Microphone
  • Video Camcorder with tripod and micro-USB to USB cable
  • VHS Player with DVD Recorder
  • Digital video converter
  • Film/photo scanner
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro (PDF creator)
  • Adobe Illustrator (Advanced vector graphics viewer/editor)
  • Adobe InDesign (Advanced desktop publisher)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Advanced photo viewer/editor)
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements (Intermediate photo viewer/editor)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Advanced video editing application)
  • GarageBand (Beginner’s audio recording/editing application)
  • DVD Player (Movie playback application)
  • Roxio Toast (CD and DVD burning application)
  • iMovie (Beginner’s video editing application)
  • iPhoto (Beginner’s photo viewer/editor)
  • Firewire 9-pin to 9-pin Cable
  • Firewire 9-pin to 6-pin Cable
  • Firewire 9-pin to 4-pin Cable
  • iPad/iPhone/iPod dock to USB cable
  • Mini-USB to USB cable
  • RCA Audio Video Cable
  • Slide and Negative Holder for the scanner
  • VHS-C Adapter
  • Audiocassette Player (to convert cassettes to CD or mp3)

Help and Resources

Project Resources

For large Digital Media Lab projects, we offer a Mac-formatted external hard drive available for a one-week checkout (with one renewal allowed). You can check out a hard drive and return it at the second floor Reference desk.

Guides and One-on-One Help

On the Digital Media Lab assistance page, get started with training guides and videos.

* Currently, one-on-one appointments are not available due to COVID-19.