Sponsorship/Partnership Policy

Effective Date: 11/97
Reviewed and Revised Date: 01/2020


The Ela Area Public Library District embraces partnerships with community not-for-profit groups, local schools, and businesses that support the mission and goals of the Library. Entering into a sponsorship agreement is a decision made by the Library’s Executive Director or his designee. The Library is not required to accept sponsorships proposed by any organization.

The Library shall determine how recognition will be given. Sponsor recognition and corporate logos should be used for identification rather than commercial purposes.

Corporate and business sponsorships shall not require observing, listening to or reading commercial advertising. Selling or providing access to a captive audience in the library for commercial purposes is not allowed.


Use of sponsor’s name in publicity should be tasteful and should not dominate the publicity. Equal treatment shall be given to all sponsors. Recognition might include:

  • Mention of the sponsor at the event (“Funding for this event was provided by …).
  • Allowing brochures to be left on the table at the back of the room during event.
  • Mention of the sponsor in publicity (sponsored by …).
  • Small signage by items (cake donated by …).
  • Banners with sponsor’s name larger than library’s should be avoided.


Thank you letters should be sent to all sponsors.

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