Lauren Rosenthal

Lauren Rosenthal

Executive Director

(847) 307-4833

Erica Christianson

Erica Christianson

Assistant Director

(847) 307-4831

Contact Library Staff

For Information Desk & Readers Services

Christen Wiser
Head of Popular Materials
(847) 438-3433 x130

For Outreach for Older Adults & Accessibility Services

Christy Wagner
Outreach Coordinator
(847) 438-3433 x140

Lori Sollenberger
Head of Circulation
(847) 438-3433 x126

Melissa Keegan
Head of Adult Reference
(847) 438-3433 x219

For Website, Forge Makerspace, or Electronic Resources

Michelle Bourgeois
Head of Digital Services
(847) 438-3433 x128

Natalie Ziarnik
Head of Children’s Department
(847) 438-3433 x112

Sonya Hill
Teen Services Librarian
(847) 438-3433 x155

For Marketing, Community Outreach, and Adult Volunteer Services

Valerie Stern
Public Information / Volunteer Coordinator
(847) 438-3433 x170